The Nutrition Group

Timeline: March 22nd - May 2nd
Lead: Jolene
Cohost: Kara
Teachable Access Until: May 13th (midnight)
Time: 6:00pm ET
Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays

More About This Group Program

LIVE REVIEW SESSIONS: Each session is an hour long unless specified by the MyRDguide tutor. Pre-recorded lectures are available for all these sessions via your MyRDguide Teachable Portal.

Jolene O’Brien, MS,RD, LDN
Kara Bates, MS, RDN, CNSC

Live sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 pm EST (3:00 pm PST, 4:00 pm MST, 5:00 pm CST)

03/21/24 Initial Session

Domain I:
Self-Study Session 01 – Health Promotion, Education, and Counseling
03/26/24 Session 02 – Statistics and Research
03/28/24 Session 03 – Absorption/Excretion of Nutrients, Glycolysis, and the TCA Cycle
Self-Study Session 04 – Vitamins, Minerals, and Other Essential Nutrients
04/02/24 Session 05 – Energy, Water, and Acid-Base Balance
04/04/24 Session 06 – Nutrition Patterns Throughout Life, Types of Anemia, and Inborn Illnesses

Domain II:
Self-Study Session 07 – Entitlement vs. Non-Entitlement Programs, Surveillance Systems, and Guidelines
Self-Study Session 08 – Nutrition Screening, Biochemical Assessment, and Medications
04/09/24 Session 09 – Medical Nutrition Therapy – Part 1
04/11/24 Session 10 – Medical Nutrition Therapy – Part 2
04/16/24 Session 11 – Medical Nutrition Therapy – Part 3
04/18/24 Session 12 – Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition Support

Domain III:
04/23/24 Session 13 – Functions of Management
Self-Study Session 14 – Human Resources and Accounting
Self-Study Session 15 – Marketing and Quality Control
04/25/24 Session 16 – Domain III Extensive Math Review

Domain IV:
Self-Study Session 17 – Food Science, Sanitation and Safety
04/30/24 Session 18 – Menu Development, Procurement, and Food Quality
Self-Study Session 19 – Production System, Equipment, and Facility Planning (Sustainability)
05/02/24 Session 20 – Domain IV Extensive Math Review

Additional lectures included:
Self-Study Keywords Session
Self-Study Situational Session Part 1 and Part 2

The pre-recorded sessions for all domains and additional lectures will be available via MyRDguide Teachable. If you are enrolled in the Hybrid group, you will have access to the material and pre-recorded material and lectures until05/13/2024 (midnight).