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Private and group tutoring sessions designed to help increase your knowledge and strengthen your time management and critical thinking skills.


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Purchase individual lessons to improve your knowledge in a specific area of study for your RD exam.

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Hey, I'm Ingrid!

As the CEO and founder of MyRDguide, my greatest passion is to help other students PASS the RD exam. I was once in your shoes. we always say: You CAN and you WILL because it is not IF you pass the RD exam but WHEN you pass and you WILL PASS this exam!

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”
Anthony Robbins

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Our team is full of tutors that once stood in your very shoes. We know what it takes to pass, because we've done it ourselves. Tap into our collective knowledge to get your 25+!


Our programs will help you find direction and a study program that works for you, so that you can harness the full power of our materials to pass your RD exam.


We offer multiple programs with multiple levels of support and we'll meet you exactly where you are so that you can find the support that works best for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use Zoom for the live sessions and Teachable to access the MyRDguide material.

Our overall passing rate is 95% and our DTR passing rate is 98%. Ingrid did a massive update on all the material in November 2020. She is constantly updating the MyRDguide material and adding value to it.

We have 20 domain sessions. Each session is about 45 minutes to an hour long. We suggest students spend 2 hours per session and an additional hour reviewing that material. Our students usually do 3-4 sessions per week for about seven weeks. However, this varies based on your schedule and additional obligations. If you purchase an a la carte 1:1 session or the Level Up Coaching, your MyRDguide tutor will do an initial session to devise a study plan that works for you.

The goal is for our students to take the exam only once with us, but if for some reason you don’t pass the exam, we do a complimentary call to come up with a plan together. Our services have discounted prices for our current/returning students, and we create customized payment plans to make sure they are feasible for you.

The first payment is due upon signing up, in order to gain access to the course. The second payment will be auto-debited two weeks after the initial payment is made.

Yes! We love when community members recommend us, and we give new students the opportunity let us know how they heard about us, so we can reward them and you!

If you’re looking to become an official affiliate of the MyRDguide community, please email Ingrid to have a conversation about available opportunities!

Thank you so much Ingrid Soto for all of your help and encouragement!!! I highly recommend Ingrid for anyone who needs help or encouragement to increase your confidence. She’s amazing!
Margot Whitney

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