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In response to the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic, we began providing these free Q&As.

The positive impact of these Q&As on our students’ success inspired us to open it up to everyone.

Created and run by RDs who once stood in your exact shoes, we believe in building strong connections with our students so that what has previously seemed impossible (aka passing the exam) becomes your reality.

Wanna see what we’re all about? Join our FREE live Q&A sessions every other Wednesday to get a taste of what the MyRDguide community can help you achieve!

We can't wait for you to join us on our upcoming Live Q&A calls!

When are the live Q&A calls?

Every other Wednesday at 7:30pm ET, 6:30pm CT, 5:30pm MT, 4:30pm PT.

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Who can attend?

Aspiring RDs looking for support in passing their exam.


Where will the calls take place?

Zoom! We make it easy to tune in and get the support you need to pass your upcoming exam.


Why Attend?


Our team is full of tutors that once stood in your very shoes. We know what it takes to pass, because we've done it ourselves. Tap into our collective knowledge to get your 25!


Our students choose our topics through interactive polls on all our social media platforms. This allows us to cover the topics that students will benefit from the most.


Our team and educational materials were created with one thing in mind: helping you pass your exam. No fluff, only real support from real RDs, where you need it most.

Pass your exam with the support and confidence you need

Join our FREE live Q&A sessions!