A Career Development Course for Dietitians and DTRs

This digital toolkit—jam packed with practical tools, comprehensive guides, and detailed resources— is everything you need to be confident in securing your dream job!

Congratulations on becoming a newly Registered Dietitian or DTR!

You’ve worked hard to get this far, investing years into rigorous academics, Dietetic Internships, and intense exam preparation.

Now, the real adventure begins – building your successful career.

But we know that transitioning into the professional world can feel daunting 😱

In Stepping Into Success, we provide unparalleled support and guidance tailored specifically for newly-minted RDs like you.

You are not alone in this journey.

Our comprehensive program covers everything from confidence-building, efficient job search strategies, resume development, interview preparation, salary negotiation skills to enhancing your value perception as a healthcare professional.

Priced at $500

Stepping Into Success Includes:

Proven Results

Our clients have made real progress in their careers, thanks to our guidance and support.

An Individualized Approach

The support and guidance we provide are catered to your unique needs as a new dietitian.

Continuous Support

From day one, we are committed to helping you advance in your career with our hands-on approach.

Plus, everything in our digital tool kit:

5-Week Comprehensive Course

The course includes videos, workbooks, templates and handouts designed with your success in mind.

4 1:1 Meetings with Ingrid and Brooke

Personalized attention on you and your career path, to help you take the next right steps as a dietitian or DTR.


Reach out any time to discuss your own journey to RD/DTR career success!

Unlock Your True Potential with Expert Guidance, Skills Development, and the Tools for a Successful Career in Dietetics

Meet Your Instructors

Meet Ingrid Soto, MS, RDN, CPT
CEO, MyRDguide

Ingrid Soto is an entrepreneur, mentor, and CEO of MyRDguide LLC. She firmly believes that every student CAN pass and WILL pass the RD/DTR exam, but she also believes having a support system is vital. After failing the exam multiple times, Ingrid became passionate about helping others in the same situation. For the last five years, she has mentored and tutored hundreds of students pursuing a career in dietetics. Her compassionate character shows through her countless relationships with her prior and current students. 

Brooke Harter
Founder, The Dietitian Lab

Brooke is the founder of The Dietitian Lab, where she guides individuals in selecting and applying to master’s programs that cater to their needs. Leveraging her four years of corporate experience, she also offers insights into successful job applications. Brooke is fervently dedicated to assisting you in recognizing your professional value, ensuring you secure the job you aspire to and the compensation you merit. Currently, she’s pursuing a master’s degree in nutrition at the University of New England.

Your Growth, Our Passion

Our exclusive program is designed to:

Reinforce your value perception in the job market

Enhance your confidence

Foster negotiation skills for securing competitive salary packages

Offer powerful resume development

Guide you towards efficient job search strategies

Prepare you to ace your job interviews

With Stepping Into Success, you'll gain the essential foundation for career growth and development as a successful healthcare professional.

Grab the digital toolkit for just $500

Take a Look Inside...

Celebrating your RD exam success! We’ll kick-start your career journey with a deep dive into the world of resumes. We’ll showcase exemplary resumes and guide you to update yours, offering personalized feedback to optimize its impact. We’ll emphasize the importance of incorporating your Dietetic Internship experience to strengthen your professional profile.

What opportunities await you as an RD? We’ll present you with a variety of career paths within the dietetics field. Our aim is to assist you in identifying your core interests, enabling a more targeted and fulfilling career pursuit.

Equipping you with resources for effective job hunting, we’ll introduce you to key job search websites, the importance of keyword utilization, and emphasize the value of networking. We’ll review application best practices and follow-up strategies while highlighting the importance of casting a wide net in your job applications.

We’ll share essential interview tips and conduct mock interview sessions, offering practical questions that mirror real-life scenarios. You’ll have the option to pair up with a group member for practice or engage with a pre-recorded interview video, enhancing your interview skills and readiness.

Understanding your worth is key. We’ll provide you with negotiation prompts and strategies to successfully advocate for a competitive salary. We’ll share relevant salary statistics to ensure you have a clear perspective on your deserved remuneration.

Upon completion of our 5-week program, you'll be well-equipped to dive into the job market and start applying for roles that align with your professional goals and aspirations.

Client Success Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

The program runs over a course of 5 weeks. The pacing is flexible, allowing you to progress through the material at your own convenience and speed. You will have access to all the resources and material as soon as you enroll.

We offer you a comprehensive 5-week program consisting of meticulously designed videos, guides, and interactive activities, all aimed at bolstering your confidence and proficiency in job applications

Absolutely! Throughout the span of the 5-week program, you will have four opportunities for 30-minute personal meetings with either Brooke or Ingri

The comprehensive 5-week program, which includes four personal 30-minute sessions with Brooke or Ingrid as well as access to all guides, is priced at $500.

Although not all the material is downloadable, you will be able to download templates and handouts to help you gather the information and make the most out if this program.

[MyRDGuide] made me feel 100% capable of passing.
Lauren F.

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