MyRDguide FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

We use Zoom for the live sessions and Teachable to access the MyRDguide material.

Our overall passing rate is 95% and our DTR passing rate is 98%. Ingrid did a massive update on all the material in November 2020. She is constantly updating the MyRDguide material and adding value to it.

We have 20 domain sessions. Each session is about 45 minutes to an hour long. We suggest students spend 2 hours per session and an additional hour reviewing that material. Our students usually do 3-4 sessions per week for about seven weeks. However, this varies based on your schedule and additional obligations. If you purchase an a la carte 1:1 session or the Level Up Coaching, your MyRDGuide tutor will do an initial session to devise a study plan that works for you.

The goal is for our students to take the exam only once with us, but if for some reason you don’t pass the exam, we do a complimentary call to come up with a plan together. Our services have discounted prices for our current/returning students, and we create customized payment plans to make sure they are feasible for you.

In the one-to-one sessions, the tutor will focus on developing or reinforcing your critical thinking skills by breaking down questions and teaching you how to identify keywords within the question to make sure you adequately select the BEST RIGHT ANSWER

NO. You don’t need supplementary material if you invest in any of the MyRDguide Packages (Essential Couse, Hybrid Group, or Level Up Coaching). However, most of our students also use the Pocket Medical Prep app for more exposure to questions which we encourage. If you purchase our Level Up Coaching, it includes access to the Pocket Medical Prep app for life!

You can purchase a 1-week extension to the material if you are a current or returning student. You can also get additional access if you buy a 1:1 pack or any additional package. Email Ingrid if you are a returning/current student, and she can do a complimentary session to strategize a plan that works for you!

Absolutely! We always recommend that our students give themselves one day off weekly for self-care, which is essential!

We encourage all our students to email us with questions or concerns. We will get back to you within 1-2 business days. Over the weekend, we experience a slower response time.

YES! We have homework, quizzes, tables, and handouts that you can download from MyRDguide Teachable and use to follow the lectures. Each lecture has a quiz; we suggest our students do this quiz as a pre-quiz and then as a post-quiz to see their improvement. You can take these quizzes as many times as you want.

The homework is not mandatory but always recommended. Students do not have to “hand it in,” but some like sending it to their tutor for feedback. Some students like to send their private tutor weekly updates, which we love!

The weekly study groups are designed for our students to bring in any questions. If the group has no questions, we like to review situational questions from our mock exams or our question bank! The live domain sessions are ONLY part of the Hybrid Group; the MyRDGuide tutor goes over specific domain sessions and follows a strict schedule.

The tutors are assigned based on the availability and learning style of the student. You can change tutors or work with multiple tutors if that tutor has your availability.

YES! The lectures are pre-recorded, and you can access all the information within your MyRDguide Teachable access period.

The first payment is due upon signing up, in order to gain access to the course. The second payment will be auto-debited two weeks after the initial payment is made.

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